Pretrial Experience

Premier works in pretrial programs to meet the goals of alternatives to detention, community safety and opportunity for offenders to contribute to society.

Working for the Court

Premier Judicial Solutions works for the court system to provide:
  • Control and due process
  • Control without detention
  • Control through accountability
  • Control with integrity of the judicial process

Working for the Defendant

Premier Judicial Solutions works for the defendant to provide:
  • Opportunity to preserve basic legal rights
  • Opportunity for self-sufficiency
  • Opportunity to avoid detention's psychological and economic hardships
  • Opportunity to avoid negative arrest provoking behavior

Working for the Community

Premier Judicial Solutions works for the community to provide:
  • Value by preserving safety through maintaining control
  • Value by reducing costs to state and local government
  • Value by allowing the defendant to continue employment and add to
    the local tax base