Schools: Parents

how does premier protect your child from false positives?

SAMHSA Certified lab and a Medical Review Officer Proven Collection Protocols:
  • Same sex collections ensure dignity in the collection process.
  • Our collection protocols have been tested over and over as we have conducted approximately 100,000 school tests in the last eight years.

Here are two articles from Columbia University for every parent should read. One is
drug use among teens and the other is the prescription drug abuse epidemic.

what can parents do?

In "Creating Safe and Drug-Free Schools" the U.S. Department of Education emphasizes that parents play a key role in ensuring that their children are safe and drug-free. Talk to your children about the consequences of drug and alcohol use. Find out what prevention and intervention programs are in place in your children's schools.

Premier Integrity Solutions has nearly a decade of experience working with school systems across the country to support drug and alcohol testing, collection and monitoring programs.

Developed in response to the need for proactive prevention at home, Premier has developed a Drug Deterrent Home Pak called SAFE & SURE which is available through Premier and a free alcohol test is included. It allows parents to test their kids at home for a wide variety of commonly abused drugs quickly and confidentially. Just having the pak on the counter at home can act as an effective deterrent. Learn more.