Specimen Collections: Onsite Collections

Are On-Site Collections Right for You? Ask yourself these questions

1. Are you paying your employees while they are traveling to and from the collection site, and for the time they are waiting for their test to be administered?

2. How much productivity are you losing while your employee is traveling and waiting at the collection site?

3. How much liability do you incur while your employee is traveling to and from the collection site?
  • When you send your employees to another location to be tested, you are not only paying for the drug test, you are paying for your employee’s time and productivity loss.
  • Let Premier come to you and reduce your drug testing cost and liability by performing on-site testing.

Premier offers a variety of DOT and non-DOT collection and testing programs that can fulfill your program and policy objectives.

Recommended Quality Control Measures

An effective drug and alcohol testing program must have established quality control measures to ensure the integrity of the results. Premier's test administrator can perform the essential steps in the sample collection protocol or can train your personnel.

sample collection protocols

DOT Collection Protocol (pdf)
Workplace Collection Protocol (pdf)

The testing methods and tools Premier's laboratories use are designed to provide the best available program and results while complying with all Federal, State and local laws.

The following methods are available:

  • Lab-Based Drug Screening (urine, oral fluid, hair)
  • Instant Urine Screening
  • Instant Oral Fluid Screening
  • Alcohol Screening

samhsa certified lab

Premier's laboratory, certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), will perform the drug testing. Positive drug test results will be reviewed and interpreted by Premier's Medical Review Officer (MRO).