Medical Review Officer (MRO)

medical review officer services

Premier Integrity Solutions provides MRO services to employers, schools, TPA's, clinics, hospitals and governmental agencies. Dr. Richard Miles, AAMRO and Dr. Robert Bertram Jr., AAMRO are our in-house Medical Review Officers (MRO's) along with a professionally trained staff of MRO assistants.

MRO Responsibilities

  • The MRO is a licensed physician who becomes the gatekeeper for the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process
  • The MRO directly receives the results from the laboratory
  • The MRO reviews results and gives consideration for alternative medical explanations of drug test results
  • The MRO is experienced in communication with specimen donors
  • The MRO verifies matching ID numbers and authenticity with the specimen
  • The MRO interprets results, including verification of positives and interviewing the donor
  • The MRO reports the results to the employers/clients and a Designated Employee Representative (D.E.R.)
  • The MRO is familiar with regulations regarding substance abuse with DOT
  • The MRO must complete 12 hours of professional development in the 3 years following certification
  • The MRO fulfills Federal DOT rules revision of 49 CFR Part 40

All results are received electronically from the laboratories, verified and then reported back to the client via fax, email, and website. Premier's Advanced Network Technologies offer the following when using the website:

  • Test results are available to our clients as soon as they are processed by our staff
  • Logging and audit trail of user activity for review
  • Provide instant access to test results anywhere, anytime
  • List, add, edit, delete, and print donor / company information
  • Update company information such as D.E.R., address, telephone and fax number
  • Data cannot be viewed by anyone but the logged-in user