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Privacy Policy All information collected and received during the process of drug screening, confirmation, paternity testing, training, fingerprinting, dissemination of background check results or completion of background investigations is kept confidential and meant for Premier Integrity Solutions, Inc. use only and the party requesting said service. The information is not shared, rented, sold or loaned with any entity outside of the Premier Integrity Solutions, Inc., except for the destination at the time of the request for service. Registration/order forms and acquired information from service requests are also kept confidential and only shared with the requested party in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. All information or results thereof, are kept in a secure location by Premier Integrity Solutions, Inc. and can only be accessed by authorized Premier Integrity Solutions, Inc. personnel. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you may contact Premier Integrity Solutions, Inc. at 7 Jamestown St., Russell Springs, KY 42642.