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Veteran Leaders Take Charge at Kentucky-Based Drug Testing Firm Premier Integrity Solutions projects new era of state, national growth RUSSELL SPRINGS, Ky. (April 3, 2018) – Kentucky’s leading drug and alcohol testing provider, Premier Integrity Solutions, announced its new executive leadership team today. The Russell Springs-based business will be led by Kentuckians with long histories of service with the company, and who pledged to continue Premier’s standards of excellence and performance in drug and alcohol testing, background checks and client education.

Dwight Bastin is the new president, CEO and co-owner of Premier. Bastin co-founded the company in 1999. His decades-long sales career will be instrumental in securing new contracts, maintaining client satisfaction and driving Premier’s future growth.

Angela Ragle is Premier’s new CFO and co-owner. Ragle joined Premier in 2007 and has served in a variety of capacities in the past 11 years. A lifelong resident of Russell Springs, she is committed to maintaining the company’s deep roots in that community while expanding Premier’s services throughout the country.

Molly Rose will serve as COO for Premier. With nearly nine years of service at the company, Rose will work directly with clients and laboratories to develop tailored plans for their success.

“From day one, our goal was to become a leading provider of drug and alcohol testing for community partners such as schools, judicial programs, drug courts and government entities. We achieved that goal quickly with our dedication to innovative technology paired with excellent customer service,” said Bastin. “I’m proud to lead this company into an exciting new era, in which we deepen our existing partnerships, pursue new and innovative testing practices, and develop specific plans to respond to our clients’ needs. Our success has always derived from our state-of-the-art diagnostics and relationship-driven service with our partners, and I will make sure that never changes. Furthermore, the remainder of the Premier leadership team is made up of individuals who’ve been with the company for decades.”

Michael West will serve as VP for Premier Judicial Solutions, a division of Premier Integrity. He manages criminal justice testing and electronic monitoring needs and is instrumental in maintaining and expanding Premier’s court service offerings.

Mike Bunch will serve as VP for Premier Drug Testing, a division of Premier Integrity. Bunch has extensive dealing with federally regulated and non-regulated testing.

Hayden Conn will serve as Information Technology Director (IT), writing and maintaining specialty software programs utilized by Premier Integrity to better serve clients’ specific needs. Few open market products and companies have robust, secure online portals.

A Kentucky-bred success story
Premier has been recognized as a company to watch by some of the nation’s most prestigious business publications. Inc. magazine’s annual rankings named Premier as one of the fastest growing private companies in America, and Entrepreneur magazine called Premier the fastest growing company for drug and alcohol testing across the country.

Since 2016, Premier had enjoyed 22 percent business growth, and projections look promising to continue that trend.

Established in 1999, Premier Integrity Solutions provides drug testing services to schools, workplaces, judicial programs, drug courts and governmental entities. The company has been based in Russell Springs, in south central Kentucky, since its opening, employing 145 professionals at its headquarters and regional offices in Bowling Green, Campbellsville, Hazard, Madisonville and Lexington.

Currently, Premier Integrity Solutions works with more than 2,500 clients across the country.

“Premier is ‘shorthand for success’ for workforce development agencies, school systems, employers and others who depend on fast, accurate results to support their business needs,” said Mrs. Ragle. “As needs grow for compliance and accountability across sectors, Premier is ready to serve.”

About Premier Integrity Solutions
For nearly two decades, Premier has serviced large contracts for state and federal government clients, providing comprehensive drug-free workplace programs for small businesses. In 2010, Premier was one of only six national recipients of the Paul D. Coverdell grant, a Drug-Free Workplace Program (DFWP) grant from the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide financial and technical assistance to small businesses. These monies help small companies establish DFWP and educate companies on various drug prevention services.

Highlights of Premier Integrity Solution’s offerings include:

  • Robust, secure online support: Premier’s website offers an easy and comprehensive way to view test results and get support for testing needs as they may change. Online tools include SecureTox 2.0, a web-based third part administrator software; AssureTox, which allows for laboratory information management, and; Judicator, which offers judicial drug testing software with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system. Each of these robust, internally developed systems help clients make informed decisions about results.

  • Varied programming: Programs include solutions for judicial, workplace, third party administrators and background screening. For judicial programs, Premier offers drug court services, as well as offender monitoring, alcohol monitoring, pre-trial testing and more. Their comprehensive workplace programs offer services for small businesses, corporations, coal mining companies, occupational health clinics, and more. Premier’s offerings for school, students, faculty and staff and bus drivers are DOT regulated and can include services for the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Railroad Administration, the United States Coast Guard, Federal Transit Authority, and more.

Premier Integrity Solutions is on the cutting edge of innovation, giving clients a variety of solutions backed by their decades in business. They are able to meet drug testing and compliance needs, as well as provide testing devices or electronic monitoring requisites, all done with integrity.