DNA Testing

Some of the Ways people are using our services

  • Positively identifying the father of a child so child support can be collected
  • Giving a child the emotional support of knowing his / her father
  • Helping people verify the parents of a child they want to adopt
  • Ensuring estates go to true heirs
  • Helping immigration authorities reunite families
  • Satisfying curiosities about family relationships
  • Providing a graphic representation of your DNA pattern and a DNA ID card for security
  • Determining whether twins are fraternal or identical
  • Helping grandparents identify their grandchildren

How are samples collected?

The inside of the cheek of each person tested is gently wiped with a soft cotton swab. Because almost every cell in a person's body contains his or her unique DNA, swabbing a cheek is a safe, easy way to collect the sample. Each sample is then sealed in its own envelope, labeled for identification purposes and sent to our lab for processing.

Ready to Know Sample Kit

(This test is NOT legally Admissible)

The Ready to Know Sample Kit is a DNA sampling kit designed for self-collection. It contains the following components:

  • 3 swab envelopes each containing 2 swab packets
  • A Ready to Know form
  • Collection and shipping instructions
  • A postage paid envelope for return of the collected swabs and consent form

Where can I have my samples collected for a legally admissible test?

Premier Integrity Solutions has offices located in Bowling Green, Campbellsville, Owensboro, Hazard, Madisonville and Russell Springs, Kentucky. All locations can provide legally admissible sample collecting services. Pricing structures vary according to the test performed. For any questions you may have regarding DNA testing services contact Premier at 1-800-256-7141.