On-Line Driver Record Data Management

time-saving, cost-effective compliance

ComTrac is Premier's driver qualification file & driver log auditing system designed for transportation directors with a time-saving, cost-effective approach to maintaining full compliance with State and Federal DOT regulations.


Complete electronic copy of the documents for each file. Alerts provided for expiring documents such as CDL's, Medical Certifications, Annual Reviews, and MVR's. 90, 60, and 30 day notifications for expiring documents. Electronic storage of all required documents with 24 hour access availability through the world wide web. No special software needed! View, print and maintain all available documents in the file. Color coded tabs make for easy organization and recognition of documents.


Premier provides drivers with free driver logs. The audit system ensures compliance with FMCSA hours-of-services regulations. Monthly violation reports are generated for each driver. Electronic storage of audited driver logs is provided for required length of time by FMCSA. 24-hour access is provided for all driver logs and reports through the world wide web.

comtrac includes these robust tracking features

  • Holds all Documents required for a Driver Qualification File by FMCSA, allowing company access to all files.
  • Holds all Drivers logs audited by our in house auditors for the required length of time as required by FMCSA, allowing company access to all files.
  • Holds any additional items as required by the Company (safety certificates, training certificates, etc.)
  • Alerts Safety Directors or designee of any of the (4) expiring documents (CDL, Medical Certificate, Annual Review, and MVR) 90 - 60- 30 days before expiration and also alerts for documents that are currently expired.
  • Coming soon! ComTrac will alert for any missing document as well.
  • Provides Driver Status reports (a report that lists when documents in the DQ section expire).
  • Provides a link to monthly Driver Log Audit reports (conducted each month for clients that subscribe to Driver Log auditing).
  • Is available 24/7, 365 (with access to Motor Carrier regulation alerts, or news).
  • Secure login (however Company safety officials can allow access to those that need access).
  • Driver Qualification tabs are color coded to allow instant recognition on whether a driver is in compliance or not. Green means "Compliant", Red means "Non Compliant", and Yellow denotes documents are pending during the initial 30 day grace period when a driver is first hired.
  • Instant recognition in the Driver Qualification File section, on whether or not a document is "present" or "compliant".
  • Advance search features allow a company to select drivers within the company by various Driver Status ratings (Compliant, Non Compliant, Pending, or Inactive).
  • Drivers can be easily added (when they join the company) or placed as inactive (when they leave).
  • Company access to Audit Reports for their Driver "Record of Duty Status".
  • Allows Company Officials to import important documents and control all access to the documents, reducing in-house space limitations and misplaced documents.